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A new story not yet recognized and valued in the market during a steady Vanadium metal price boom

Secured exclusive rights to one of North America’s largest, richest primary Vanadium deposits.

Vanadium, strategic mineral critical to steel strengthen and utility scale battery storage technology.

Vanadium metal prices have steadily increased from from US$3/lb to over US$20/lb in 2.5 years creating a boom in Vanadium interest.

FV exclusivity

Great location with strong infrastructure, in an established mining jurisdiction, 14 miles from town of Carlin, Nevada.

The Carlin Vanadium deposit discovered by Union Carbide Corp.  in the 1960’s, completing 127 rotary drill holes systematically defining near surface shallow dipping deposit.

First Vanadium fast tracking project. Aiming for 1 year timeline from “re-discovery” to Indicated Resource, to rapidly unlock potential project value.