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Construction Advisor

Bill Matheson photo croppedBill Matheson has worked in the mining and industrial sectors for over 37 years in the roles of Field Engineer (Electrical/Instrumentation ), Construction and Project Manager and advisor. From 1979 to 1994, Mr. Matheson worked initially in mining operations, followed by performing startups, commissioning, and construction management on mining projects including Canada Tungsten, Echo Bay Mines, Luscar Coal, Baker Mine, Cullaton Lake Gold Mines, Vista Mining, Cluff Lake, Hope Brook Gold, Teck Corona Hemlo, Tonkin Springs Gold Project, Cassiar Asbestos and Yanococha. Between 1994 and 2004, Mr. Matheson focused on industrial operations as a Field Engineer (Electrical/Instrumentation ) for a general contractor (The Industrial Company) on multiple industrial projects followed by working  on two nuclear power plants, three gas fired turbine power plants, one oil refinery, and two High Fructose Corn Syrup / Ethanol Refineries under his own company. In 2004 Bill was recruited by Merit Consultants International where he was Construction Manager on the dismantle/relocation of the Equatorial SX/EW facility to the Lisbon Valley mine site in SE Utah, and the complete construction of the Carlota Copper SX/EW project in Miami, Arizona which completed in 2008. At the end of the project Bill went to work for Quadra Mining, the owner of the Carlota Copper Project as Manager of Construction Projects. Bill assisted Quadra with the acquisition and the start-up of the Franke Mine in Northern Chile and the second phase of the leach facility at Carlota Copper. With Quadra, that became Quadra FNX and ultimately KGHM International, Bill worked as Manager of Project Construction, Interim Project Manager of the Victoria Project, and Project Development Manager of the Ajax Project until the end of 2013. In 2014 Bill formed his own company W. Matheson Consulting Inc. and served on the Technical Committees for the Sierra Gorda Oxide Project and the Ajax Project for KGHM International. Paralleling with that work Bill provided oversite on the Phase II Project for CS Mining in SE Utah on their Agitated Leach, SX/EW facility. Bill is currently providing oversite on an AMD conveyance system on the Leviathan Mine Site, in NE California and preparing for his Project Management Professional Certification Exam.  Bill has an Industrial Instrumentation diploma from Saskatchewan Technical Institute.