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Company Highlights

Gold and Vanadium on same property – Optionality

Double-play, two stacked systems - large-scale Carlin-type gold system under Vanadium resource

First Vanadium’s Carlin Gold-Vanadium Project is located within Carlin Gold Trend – one of the world’s most desirable, favourable and prolific gold mining trends - where an untested high-caliber high-grade Carlin-style gold target has been recently been identified by drilling by a renowned Nevada gold specialist and proven mine finder, Dave Mathewson

Dave Mathewson states, “The target is evolving very nicely with many positive qualities of substance. Drilling to date has delivered proof of a gold system with widespread solid attributes, similar to deposits and mines in the Carlin Trend; favourable depth, rock host, size, and intensity and extent of brecciation, sulfides, pathfinder metallization, and alteration.”

The Project also hosts North America’s Largest Highest Grade Primary Vanadium Resource. Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment announced on the Vanadium resource. Numerous opportunities to enhance

Our team is exceptional: An assembled team of seasoned, respected and successful explorers, mine builders and mine operators (over 400 years combined) motivated to make a gold discovery, whose geologists have made multiple gold deposit discoveries in their careers (10 in total); 6 in Nevada nearby our project (3-9 miles)

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Why Vanadium

A Highly Sought, Strategic Mineral Critical to Industries Ranging from Steel to Utility Scale Battery Storage Technology

The Mineral of Choice for Next Generation Battery Storage Technology and Renewable Energy Applications 

Vanadium's Advantages:

  • Used in Steel Manufacturing to Add Strength and Corrosion Resistance
  • One Third the Cost of Lithium Energy Storage and Batteries
  • Can Rapidly Release Large Amounts of Electricity
  • Great for Industrial Applications, Highly Scalable for Manufacturing
  • Vanadium Electrolyte is Reusable, Recyclable, and has a Battery Lifespan of 25+ Years
  • Non Flammable and Extremely Safe (3 reported fires with industrial scale Lithium Ion Battery applications)
  • Used in Power Grids and Micro-Grids to Substantially Improve Power Management

Learn About Vanadium

The Carlin Vanadium Project

The 1,140 acre Carlin Vanadium Property located seven air miles south of Carlin, Nevada has exceptional infrastructural advantages. The property is road accessible from Carlin and Elko. Carlin is a major rail hub to both coasts. Power is <3 miles from the property. The property was explored and drilled by Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) in the late 1960’s who defined a vanadium deposit. The deposit is near surface and shallow dipping making it amenable to open pit mining methods. In 2010 SRK produced an Inferred resource of 28Mst grading 0.515% V2O5, which is considered by the Company to be historic and should not be relied upon. The Company is moving quickly to infill-drill the deposit to upgrade the historic resource to a NI43-101 compliant indicated resource.